Major Features & Improvements 

  • Impression Tracking - Impression tracking feature can now be found for all offers under the 'Pixel Tracking' tab. For all the publishers who are running the offer you can generate a impression pixel per publisher and share it with them.

    If your advertiser wants to receive the impression, activate the 'Advertiser Pixel' toggle button and paste the Advertiser impression pixel into the provided field. Click on 'Save' and the system will forward impressions to your advertiser. 
    The impression stats are visible in the reports when you select the Impression filter under Column and 'Others'. 

Additional Features & Improvements 

  • Users now have the option to hide a postback for the same event from the publisher interface for the same event type.
  • Reporting API URL and Token now available under Settings and then System Setup. Users can use this to pull data into a third party system. 
  • 'Back' button was removed from Dash Exchange for ‘Preview Offers’ step. Only ‘Start Sync’ and ‘Reject’ buttons will now be available.
  • Chosen filters will be visible in collapsed mode for reports. 
  • Empty fields from External Integrations will now not be considered to create new offers.(eg. empty destination URL, payout, Offer name will not pull those offers).
  • Smartlinks  tab now comes with Publisher name and ID for better visibility.
  • ID's added on the Offer, Publisher and Advertiser report.
  • Refresh button was added to aggregated Reports.
  • Preview URL can now be pulled from all external integrations (Except Orangear v3).
  • New API integration with Lemmonet. 

Fixed Bugs 

  • Possibility to remove a payout when adding multiple payouts in an Offer..
  • Rejecting Events and Postbacks can now be achieved without the occasional error message.
  • Onboarding publishers in now easier with the mandatory ' Account Manager' field in the first tab.