Major Features & Improvements 

  • Tracking Links will now have Offer ID and Publisher ID appended to the URL.
  • Reports with aggregated data can be adapted by grouping and structuring the different KPI's and dimensions. 

Additional Features & Improvements 

  • System will remember last used Time-frame in dashboards with each user profile. 
  • Duplicate parameter name on Publisher’s Traffic Blacklisting tab is no longer allowed. 
  • When setting up multiple values in traffic blacklisting, user can benefit from bulk updates. User can update multiple values either by using a line break or comma separated.
  •  After syncing Advertisers offers in Dash Exchange, users will now have the option to directly view the synced offers by clicking on ‘Go to Advertiser Offers’.
  • Certain names used for System functionalities cannot be used as Event names.
  • Pulling preview URL from a few more External integrations completed. (Cauly, Cygobel, Everflow, Offer18, Offerslook, Orangear v2, RTBdemand, Taptica, Trackier, Traffic Company, Tune and Youappi). 

Fixed Bugs 

  • Downloading Offers grouped by category was fixed and works as expected.  
  • Errors while sending recommendation emails was resolved.