Major Features & Improvements  

  • Users can now select multiple Offers to redirect their Exit traffic. In case an Offer is paused or due to incorrect targeting,  the click can be redirected to a pre-determined set of offers based on either 'Weight' or 'Targeting'. This can be set on the Publisher level.

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

  • All caps are reset in the Instance Timezone. Timezone can be changed in the Settings tab. 

Additional Features & Improvements  

  • System will force to logout the user if session has expired on the Publisher Interface. 
  • Public Offerwall has been updated with new filters like Tags, Offer ID and others.
  • Postback tester will mark an improper URL as error in the redirect chain.
  • Preview URL can be pulled for Advertiser's using Affise Integration.
  • Preview URL was added on Publisher UI to Offer details.
  • New API Integration with Moblin (Skipper). 

Fixed Bugs

  • Problem with an error occurring while uploading Logo was fixed. 
  • When any URL is missing, the '-' sign will no longer be linked to an empty URL.
  • Issue with ‘Compare to’ option which doubled KPI legend on Graph was resolved.