In order to integrate with Kochava, please fill the attached document. (Or access it by this link) In case of any questions you can always reach out to them at:

To help setup you would need one Global Event Endpoint . You can use the Conversion Event type as your Global Endpoint. For all other Event Types you can create them in our Setting tab. Click here to learn how to create multiple event types. 

Kochava generally asks for these parameters: 

Kochava Parameter

vene parameter





ID for very click



Sub-Publisher ID



Android device id



ios device id

site_id#siteid#Site ID
#src_ip#Device IP
#ts#Time Stamp of the Event

*You can find all vene parameters here 

Destination URL: The final URL from Kochava that you place in the Offer Destination URL would look something like this:

Note: We support postbacks in GET format and our Success Response code is 200.