Major Features & Improvements 

  • There is a new field for Preview URL while setting up Offers. The Preview image is generated from the Preview URL. If a Preview Image is manually uploaded this image will be displayed.
  • Users now have the ability to switch between Dark mode and Light Mode.  This can be found under Customization -> Theme
  • There is a new button to go to the Offers for a particular Advertiser. This can be found in the Advertisers page. This will help users to quickly look for the Offers. 

Additional Features & Improvements 

  • Users have been given additional option to sort Advertisers and Publishers by ID. 
  • Offer name was extended by Offer ID while adding Smartlinks and searching for an Offer. This will help distinguish between Offers with the same name while adding Smartlinks.
  • All API Integrations under DashExchange have sorted in alphabetical Order. 
  • Advertisers tab now shows ' Display Name' in front of ' Legal Name'. 
  • Offer ID was added on the Publisher API.
  • New API Integration with RTB Demand. 

Fixed Bugs 

  • Users can now scroll the navigation bar when collapsed.