You have an offer with multiple event types. Say the offer flow is Install > Registration > Purchase and the advertiser pays you only on the completion of the event Purchase. You would like to set his offer up in vene dash. 

Here is a step by step guide as to how you can achieve this. Let us divide the process in three parts. 

1. Setting up Event types. 

You should set up all the event types the advertiser requests. For our above example you can set up two more event types called Install and Registration. (For Install you can use the event type Conversion). Learn here how to set up multiple events. 

Once you set up all the event types, head over to any of the advertisers and go to tracking and give ALL THREE Postback Endpoint URL's to your advertiser. 

The advertiser should report the different events under different Endpoint URL's. 

2. Add the Offer with Multiple Events

When you set up the offer, it is very important to set up the event types with the payouts. With our example above if you are paid only for the Purchase event, you should setup the offer like the screenshot given below:

3. Set up the publisher Postback correctly

When you setup the postback for the publishers please make sure you report all the necessary to the publishers as well. Ask the publisher if they have different URL's for different events. Based on that information setup three different postbacks under the same tracking set. This way all the event types will be reported to the publisher correctly. 


In Step 2 and 3 it is not mandatory to set up all the event types. You can only select the event type that you will receive revenue or the event you pay the publisher. However we recommend the above setup as this gives you transparency for optimizations and will make all future setups easy to handle.