Major Features & Improvements 

  • Improved option for Currency conversion now available. While converting back to the base currency, the conversion amount remains the same.
  • Report order has been adjusted to give you a better experience. Some reports have also been renamed.
  • Dash Exchange Module has been revamped with a list of already configured advertisers. You can now see the active integrations for the advertisers and quickly resync or pause them as per your wish. 

Additional Features & Improvements 

    • Improved Session storage option will keep the filtering, sorting, time-frame, and customized columns even if users move between different pages.  It will be lost only when the browser is closed.
    • Filter search was redefined for Offers find the exact ID.
    • Publisher UI was updated by re-arranging the profile page. 
    • New API integration with Cygobel and Qverse v2. 

Fixed Bugs 

  • Limit of 30 currencies has been removed from Analytics for Publisher.