Major Features & Improvements

  • Ability to change Event and Postback status - Users can now change the event and postback status as per their wish. The rejections can be done either from the Event or Postback report. Rejecting Postback or an Event are irreversible and should be used with proper caution. 


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Advertiser, Publisher and Offer pages have got a new Action Button which combines some of the lesser used options, giving it a cleaner look.  
  • Settings tab has a new option called 'External Integrations'. Users can now keep only the API's that they would use on a daily basis.
  • Event types under 'Advertiser' shows only the event that you select. This will help users not confuse with all the event types displayed at the same time. 
  • Users now have the option to create Triggers directly from the offer page while adding tracking URL's. 
  • Remove button for Creatives was implemented in editing mode. 
  • New KPI’s: Earnings Per Click (EPC) and Margin were added in Reports to give more visibility. 
  • Your Dashboard got a new update with the system keeping your last used time-frame till you log out of the system. 
  • Emirates has been added as a new choice of ISP. 


Fixed Bugs

  • Updated verification link error message. It now says: "The verification link has either expired or has already been used"