Major Features & Improvements


  • Categories were added to the aggregated reports (excluding Fraud Report) in filters and the table as a column.
  • Filter with Categories added to the Offer overview list.
  • An Offer can only have one single Category attached. When adding an Offer, user can enter one Category. When editing and Offer with more than one Category, user has to choose only one category that remains. 
  • When removing a Category from the Category tab, the name of the deactivated Category on Offer view nor the ID on Offer edit won’t be visible.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Billing feature improvements: 
    • Attach note button was removed from approve/reject Payment request in Billing. Account Managers don’t need to add Credit Notes manually. 
    • Attach note button was hidden when Credit Note amount is zero. User shouldn’t see Credit Notes which does not have any monetary value when handling a Payment Request.
    • Fix was renamed to Adjustment (when adjusting the amount of the payment request) in Billing. 
    • Payment Request details improvements on Publisher UI: Overview box moved to the top and status pill added. 
  • Search by Name or ID added for Offer wall, Campaigns and Approvals on Publisher portal.
  • Tags were added to aggregated Reports in filters, so that User will be able to see the results of all Offers based on Tags.
  • Tags will be shown as clear text instead of pills on the Offers list. 
  • Improvements on Publisher Postback Testing section to make the interface easier to use.
  • New API integrations with Traffic Company, Mobrand and MyLead.