Major Features & Improvements

  • Report for blocked clicks - There is a new report called "Blocked Clicks Report". It shows all blocked clicks along with a timestamp. Users will be able to see the data for the last 14 days only.  
  • Publisher Postback Testing - The 'Publisher' tab has a new category called Postback Testing. This will test if the tracking set created works correctly. 

Additional Features & Improvements

  • Fraud Report is extended to new KPI’s : Flagged Clicks, Flagged Clicks Ratio, Blocked Clicks, Blocked Clicks Ratio, Healthy Clicks, Healthy Clicks Ratio.
  • Support Page was added in the top right menu next to the Profile icon. It contains support, e-mail address and links to Knowledge Base and Release Notes. 
  • Improvements in Recommendation E-mails for Publishers for desktop and mobile versions of vene dash. 
  • Revenue & Payout history improvements were applied to show all significant changes.
  • API integration with Cauly, Inmobi, Youappi and MyAppfree.


Fixed Bugs

  • Content Filter returns expected results on Publisher UI. 
  • Error while downloading CSV after filtering by Tags was fixed.