This document describes the integration with Branch and vene dash. Branch implements a S2S integration to send the events to vene dash. Sign up to Branch attribution tool here:

Step 1: As the signup completed you can reach out to your representative from Branch and provide the necessary details. The mandatory fields needed are Install Endpoint, Event Endpoint and parameters such as clickid, device-id and sub publisher id. 

vene parameter




ID for very click


Affiliate ID


Android device id


ios device id

Click here to learn how to create multiple event types. The Endpoint URL's can be found under Advertisers tab as seen from the screenshot below.

Detailed list of vene dash parameters can be found here.  

Step 2: Once you have provided all the relevant details to the Branch team, they will generate a Destination URL for you. 

Step 3: 

You can use the generated link as your Destination URL in vene dash. An example of a tracking link from Branch would look like this:

Tip: We receive all our values in '#' enclosed. So make sure the # is enclosed when you paste it in the Destination URL field.