Major Features & Improvements

  • You can now add a flag for adult (inappropriate) content. This will be reflected on Publisher Portal where you have the filter between mainstream (all without a flag) and adult (all with a flag)


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Additional subid parameters were added which can be used on a tracking setup.

  • Conversion event is now enabled on Publisher Portal by default.

  • CR is set as default column in reports.

  • System name now on the browser tab on Publisher Portal.

  • Added mainstream as default filter on Public Offer wall.


Fixed Bugs

  • KPI box on Publisher Portal graph is fixed.

  • Traffic Splitters: Filter by Advertiser ID should display Advertiser Display Name.

  • Fixed country filters on Publisher/Advertiser/Traffic Source filters.

  • Categories which were not visible when cloning offers works as expected.