Major Features & Improvements

  • Pixel tracking possibility on offer level - With this pixel all you need is to use the click URL to redirect the user to the landing page, and the conversion pixel will choose the ydrid from the last publisher to report back to the specific dash client.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Time-frame filter now has last 30 days shortcut.
  • Dashboard charts have been improved from usability perspective.
  • Offers list shows more useful information, such as countries and categories along with offer types.

  • External integration now has a filter for Operating System (OS) when pulling Offers.

  • Dashboard is now pre-loaded with the data from the last 30 days


Fixed Bugs

  • Text boxes on offer form were fixed to contain more text data without cutting the content.

  • Filters can now be saved in custom offers.

  • Filters in tracking links tab can now be cleared.

  • Drop-down in auto-suggest filter now functions as intended.

  • Filters popup now doesn't close itself if you have text inside the field.

  • Currency drop-downs can now show more than 30 currencies.