Major Features & Improvements

  • You can now use the AFFPUBID as grouping when analyzing your data in reports with aggregated data. It is also possible to search and filter on a AFFPUBID level.

  • Introducing Publisher API - Created UI in vene dash for setting up Publisher API: Admin of vene dash can activate or delete API keys for every publisher.

  • Improvements of Smart Link UI on default Offer selection - Its now possible to select a default Offer on the Smart Link details screen only for "targeting" type. When adding new Offer to a Smart Link, there is a new filter which (by default) shows only Active Offers.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Changes to Payout management and distribution - On the Offer Revenue & Payout tab, Publisher Offer tab and Offer Tracking tab user can remove an event Payout for an Offer and Publisher Offer.
  • When deleting payouts, the delete option is shown only when more than one revenue is available (to avoid not having a payout for the publisher on the Offer).

  • Updated parameter list in the postback section in vene dash UI and publisher portal - While adding a postback in vene dash, an updated list of parameter will show up on the tool-tip and the parameter drop-down. List of parameters is sorted by new priority field.

  • Improvements on save and clone offers section - Button to save and clone is available when cloning Offers.
  • While taking save and clone action, Caps are now being cloned.

Fixed Bugs

  • Download button on Publisher portal in Offer Wall and Campaigns is functioning as expected.

  • Country drop-down on the Triggers section has been resolved.

  • It is now possible to display and select the default event to show on the dashboard.