Major Features & Improvements

  • Post-backs for conversions with the same YDRID can be disabled with triggers.
  • User is able to pause or redirect traffic sub-sources (affpubid) of certain publishers. 
  • When creating an Offer, Traffic type is optional. Automatically selected as non-incentivized when not defined. Not required on Offer import.

  • Targeting for ISP handling was extended to choose from a complete list of ISPs per country.

Additional Features & Improvements 

  • Added possibility to enable/disable status change on Smart Link details screen.
  • Added filter to search by offer ID to Publisher Portal.
  • List of Click Parameters is more visible.
  • No time frame limit for aggregated reports.


Fixed Bugs

  • Reject and Approve buttons on Approval tab are now active.
  • Triggers with fire ratio 0% are now displaying percent value. While editing Triggers, fire ratio is being displayed.
  • Rows per page are being displayed only if amount of items is more than 10.
  • Disabled events won’t be visible on Publisher UI.
  • Total events are now displayed on Publisher Portal’s Dashboard.

  • Fixed filter on Approvals.

  • Smart links ‘Name or ID’ filter takes advanced mode toggle into account