Major Features & Improvements

  • Feature to give Publishers possibility to perform Payout with Crypto currency. Crypto Wallets integration is active only when Billing Feature is enabled. Integration with as a first Payment Provider. Available for Bitcoin (BTC). Payments is also possible for two other currencies supported by (Dogecoin and Litecoin). 
  • Pause all offers that are not synched with the next API pull System will be pausing all offers, except for the offers that came from the advertiser on the freshest sync package.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • New Event added to Email Templates to send notifications each time a new Offer is added for the Publisher (An e-mail is sent each time a Tracking Link is created for a Publisher).
  • User will no longer be able to edit or add tracking links to deleted Offer.
  • Activity log is more readable for admin.
  • API integrations with Everflow and Offerslook.


Fixed Bugs

  • Save option on SmartLinks functions works as intended.