Major Features & Improvements

  • Option to self-invoice for publishers. To use Publisher Invoicing feature, billing details needs to be provided on Billing tab under Settings. Publisher Billing feature should be also enabled on Publisher profile. After enabling Publisher billing, all Publisher earnings will be summarized for requested period and Credit Note will be issued. Based on Credit Notes, Publisher may ask to pay using Payment Request functionality on Publisher UI. After Payment Request is reviewed, the status changes to confirmed. At the same time, Publisher invoice is created based on Publisher billing details and total amount from Payment Request. When Payment Request change status to paid, the related Publisher invoice is being paid too. 

Additional Features & Improvements

  • "Overwatch" was renamed to "Fraud protection" under Offer and Publisher details. 
  • Orange Espana added as selectable ISP.
  • "Download CSV" button will be disabled when User asks for CSV download while the report is being generated.
  • Account Manager role was limited to Read Only mode for System Settings.
  • “Edit Profile” option was moved to System Settings and whole section was renamed to Settings. User Profile data tab was renamed to "My Profile".
  • Dashboard chart with clicks will be always higher than conversion.
  • Parameter list was implemented in the Advertiser Tracking tab.
  • API integration with Mobobeat and Orangear.


Fixed Bugs

  • Alignment in dashboard was adjusted.