Major Features & Improvements

  • Two new fraud strategies created: Block Irregular App Names and Block App Traffic.
  • Daily e-mail notifications for Publishers with Hot Offers on Publisher UI. E-mails will include 8-10 Offers based on highest default event CR from the last week. it can e found under 'Email Templates'. 
  • New section ‘Layout Management ’was created in Settings > Email Templates. Three layout sections - layout, header and footer, which can be added or edited by User. Layout can be also chosen while editing current Email Templates.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Users in Account manager role has now access to the Billing feature.
  • Finance Manager role was removed. Billing Manager role was extended to fix credit notes, accept/reject payment requests, make crypto payment, and mark payments as paid.
  • Exchange rate was updated for Revenue to the same as Payout to see Revenue and Payout of an Offer to the same amount with the same exchange rate.
  • Email templates improvements were introduced to display HTML links and images properly.
  • Button for manual creation of Credit Notes for past periods was removed to avoid situation where Publishers were paid other way than new Billing functionality.
  • API integration with


Fixed Bugs

  • Error in Reports, where the numbers in aggregated data were lower when adding country as a dimension, is fixed. 
  • Time grouping for calendar weeks in Reports is fixed.