Major Features & Improvements

  • New report in the report list called "Fraud report". It shows aggregated clicks which are marked as blocked with the reason.


Additional Features & Improvements

  • Pagination with total rows was restored on Publisher UI, so total number of items is shown on all reports.
  • TSP filters were renamed to Tracking ID’s. Filters in Postback Report, Event Report and Clicks Report were extended with Tracking ID.
  • Tracking link creation will only be allowed for active Offers when adding Offers to Publisher or adding Publishers to Offers.
  • Payment details for Paypal were added in Publisher details.
  • Access to Settings for Admin and Setting Manager roles was limited.
  • Publisher details CSV download will contain e-mail and phone numbers.
  • Both countries UK and GB will be accepted for CSV Offer Import.
  • Advertiser module fields were reorganized, so that we have less tabs and more use of the space.
  • Large CSV data import optimization. Users will get files faster without errors and lower risk of incomplete files.
  • Recommendation template placeholders updated.
  • API integration with Qverse and Orangear v2.


Fixed Bugs

  • New tooltip list with available parameters for Smartlinks -> Click Parameters.
  • Filter Offer Name finds Display Name on Offer wall in Publisher UI.
  • Advertiser link for all Smartlinks was removed.