In order to integrate with AppsFlyer, please sign as an Ad Integrated partner here: In case of any questions you can always reach out to them at:

To help setup you would need one Global Event Endpoint and another Secondary Event Endpoint to start with. You can call your secondary event type as you want (Registrations, Purchase etc). The Conversion Event type can be used as your global postback endpoint to report the install to and you would need to create just a Secondary Event type (Or more if you more than one event). Click here to learn how to create multiple event types. 


AppsFlyer asks for these mandatory parameters: 

Appsflyer Parameter

vene parameter





ID for very click



Affiliate ID



Android device id



ios device id


*You can find all vene parameters here

Step 1: Enable the Integration. Log in to your AppsFlyer dashboard for your app and navigate to Configuration > Integrated Partners .

Step 2: Go to the attribution link tab and copy the tracking link.

This is how an attribution should look like:

Step 3: Create an Offer in vene dash and paste the link generated in the above step. 

Tip: We receive all our values in '#' enclosed. So if the attribution link is generate like this: make sure you add the # in front of all vene parameters. 

So in this case the final link you paste in the Destination URL should be: