Integrating with Adjust can be done in 4 easy steps. Below we will explain how you can tackle them individually so that you are familiar with each of the steps. 

To begin with you need to open the setup tool here:

Step 1:

Enter the link that you receive from your advertiser. 

Advanced feature (optional): In case you need to add more parameters like Publisher ID for Branch please use this document: You can find all vene parameters here. The most common parameters are:

vene parameter




ID for very click


Affiliate ID


Android device id


ios device id

Step 2: 

To help setup you would need one Global Event Endpoint and another Secondary Event Endpoint. You can use the Conversion Event type as your Global Endpoint and would need to create just a Secondary Event type. Click here to learn how to create multiple event types.  


Now head over to the Advertisers tab and open any advertiser to see the Event Endpoint URL you just created.

Go to the Adjust setup tool and complete the step. Points 1,2 & 3 can be found in the vene dash platform under the advertisers tab. Points 4 & 5 are the event tokens which is provided to you by the advertiser. (Callback is basically the Endpoint URL.)

Note: The curly brackets with ydrid at the end needs to be enclosed in #. 

Step 3:

Confirm if the placeholders are correct. Please make sure it is enclosed in #.

Step 4:  

Use the auto-generated URL as your destination URL while setting up the offer in vene dash.

Tip: We receive all our values in '#' enclosed. So for example if the generated link is like this: 

Make sure you add the # in front of all vene parameters. 


So in this case the final link you paste in the Destination URL should be: