There are two ways to test a Publisher Postback.

Automatically: There is a publisher testing tool that can help you with checking postbacks. Simply copy the test link you received and click on check. After the click is successfully made, you will see the button to check postback with the publisher. 

Manually: Sometimes the postbacks cannot be automatically tested hence here is hack to manually check the postback.

Step 1:  Click on the test tracking link provided by your publisher. E.g.{pubclick}&ydrid={click} 

Step 2. Once you click on the link, go to the "Clicks Report" inside the vene dash platform.

Step 3: Copy the YDRID for that click and paste it into your Endpoint URL (e.g. for Conversion)

For example:

YDRID: 19766a831423e42o4o59a3743102ed

Endpoint URL:{ydrid}

Copy and paste the ydrid into the end of your Endpoint URL, so it looks like this:

Copy the link in a new tab in your browser and CLICK ENTER

You can find the Endpoint URL's inside the Advertiser details under "Tracking". (Note: The endpoint URL type needs to match the offer type set. If your offer is in conversion make sure you select the endpoint for conversion.) 

Step 4: Check for the Postbacks Reports in vene dash and see the registered conversion.