Offers can be set with fixed or dynamic payouts in vene dash.

What is the difference between a "fixed" and "dynamic" payout ?

Fixed: Payout amount is always pre-determined.

Dynamic: Payout amount is variable and depends on a certain percentage. Example: You could set up dynamic payouts for every sale and the you could give a percentage of the sale amount to your publishers. 

How to receive dynamic payouts from Advertisers:

To receive dynamic payouts from advertisers you need to send the Endpoint URL and attach the payout and the currency parameters. 

So if your Endpoint URL is:{ydrid} your new Endpoint URL would look like this:{ydrid}&adv_payout={payout}&adv_currency={currency}

Note: The currency needs to be in a three letter ISO format. 

How to set dynamic payouts:

You can always choose the payout model you want to use while creating offers or by changing the payout tab later.

1. While setting up the offer, change the "Revenue" and"Payout" from Fixed -> Dynamic

2. Change the payout later from the Offer Details under the tab "Revenue & Payout"

How to pass Dynamic payouts to publishers:

You can pass dynamic payouts to the publishers by adding their payout and currency parameter. (Many S2S tracking solutions do not need the currency parameter so you you can leave the currency blank in case the publishers do not have it)

When you add the postback for the publisher, make sure you also set the amount parameter for them to receive the value for the conversion.