What are Caps?

Caps are a limitation of the number of e.g. conversions an offer can generate before redirecting the traffic to the Redirect URL. There are currently two types of caps available in vene dash. (Daily & Total)

What happens once the cap (limit) has been reached?

Once the offer cap has been reached, traffic from those offers will be redirected to the Redirect URL instead of the original offer landing page. Furthermore, you can't generate more conversion than the cap you've set.

How to set caps?

You can set Caps during the offer creation process or edit it later.

During Offer Creation:

Go to the "Offers" tab and click on "Create offer". Scroll down to the Caps section and click "Add Cap"

After Offer Creation:

Go to the "Edit" page of your offer and scroll down to the Cap Section. Now you set caps as you need.