What is the offer wall?

The offer wall shows the publisher all offers, which are created in the vene dash instance and have the offer type Public, Exclusive or Restricted (learn more about Offer types).

Publishers can go through the offer wall, filter, search, check  and pick up the ones, which they like.  The performance data of each offer, which is run by the publisher can be found in the "Analytics" tab.

Click here to learn how to publish offers for your publisher in the Offer Wall.

1 - Filters: You have different filter options to navigate and find specific offers easily

2- View button: Switch to list view or tiles view

3- Download: Download the current filtered offers as a .CSV file

4- Refresh: Refresh the displayed offers

Differences between offer statuses:

Offer wall - Public offer:

If the offer is public the button "Run offer" will be displayed, which means you can immediately start running this offer.

 After clicking on "Run offer", the tracking link for the offer will be available and the offer will be moved inside your "Campaigns".

Offer wall - Restricted / Exclusive offer:

If the offer is restricted, you will have to apply for it first by clicking on "Apply For Offer". After applying, the status will switch to "Pending" and now you as the publisher manager need to take action. 

All Approval requests for offers from publishers will be displayed under the "Approvals" inside the vene dash instance.

By clicking on the action buttons on the right, you have two options: "View" and "Approve".

    - View: Check approval details and decide whether to approve or reject 

    - Approve: Approve the request of the publisher and let them run the offer

Once approved, the status of the offer will change in the Publisher UI from "Pending" to "Approved" and will be moved under "Campaigns".

Now going into the offer inside the Campaigns tab, the tracking link will be visible for the publisher to run it.