In postback reports, you'll encounter different statuses such as: 200, 404, 400 and wondering what do they mean? The statuses are describing what is the server response, once the postback has been sent out from vene dash to the publisher.

The variety of statuses are quite big and can be pretty complex sometimes. That's why the status of an event is described as a short number, to shorten explanation. In order to get a better understanding of them, we're providing you a general information and also giving you the most common status messages in vene dash.

In general the statuses can be divided in five categories/classes:

1xx (informational response)
the request was received, continuing process
2xx (successful)the request was successfully received, understood and accepted
3xx (redirection)further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request
4xx (client error)the request contains bad syntax or cannot fulfilled
5xx (server error)the server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request

Please find below the most common statuses in vene dash:

200 (Status OK)The postback has been sent out and received successfully by the publisher
404The postback has been sent out but was configured wrong, so it couldn't be received from the publisher
400The postback has been sent but the publisher server was expecting a different postback
500 (Internal server error)The postback has been sent out but the server on publishers side wasn't able to receive

If your status number is not mentioned here, take a look at this linkThere you can find all types of error messages and their explanation.