The system settings are your main place where you have the  ability to configure your platform.

Under the first tab "System Setup" you can define main options like:

- System Name

- Default timezone

- Pre-filled Revenue percentage  & Payout percentage

System Name

Set the name of your platform, which will be used in automated communication with publishers. In most cases it should be your company name.

Default timezone

Set the timezone of your platform, as this will be the base for all your reporting and data. 

Pre-filled Revenue & Payout percentage

If the Pre-filled Revenue & Payout percentage is enabled, then your revenue and payout fields will be automatically updated when you set up an offer.  


- If the payout percentage here is set to 70% and the fixed revenue is 10 EUR, the system will pre-fill a payout of 7 EUR (70% of 10 EUR = 7 EUR) on a new offer creation

- For dynamic payouts, a value of 70% will be pre-filled when creating the new offer