To make your processes and communication swift, you can use the email templates that comes with vene dash.

These email templates can be created to be sent out automatically from your vene dash to your registered publishers. Email templates are mainly used as notifications when a specific event happens e.g. password reset, Onboarding Request, Offer Alert etc. There are "placeholders", which will help you to create your templates of your own. 

1. Default Email Templates

By default, there are a couple of Email templates pre created and active. You can always deactivate, edit or delete them according to your needs. If a Template is "deactivated", it will be shown half transparend  below and will not send out notifications for that specific event.

2. Create New/Own Email Template

Of course you can create your very own Email Template.

Click on "Add Template" and you'll be given different pre-set event templates to choose from. Each template is set to a specific event (e.g Offer Alert, Offer Caps reached, Onboarding accepted etc.)

After selecting one of the templates, you can start entering the details according to the email template you want to create. When clicking on the text fields, you'll get the selection of multiple and different placeholders.

1) General details: Enter details like the template name, recipient address, sender address, subject etc.

2) Body: Here is the written text of your notification. You can use different formating options to adjust your 

3) Placeholders: Here you can find a list of placeholders to use for your Email templates.

3. Preview Email template

You can pre-view your created email template by clicking on "Preview".

4. Edit Email Template

After creating your email template, you can always comeback to adjust it. Go to "Email Templates" and click on the action buttons on the right. With this you can:

- Edit the template according to your needs

- Delete the template

- De-Activate the template