Listing new offers to the publisher interface is automatically started when setting up an offer in the vene dash instance. The offer type is responsible on how the offer will be displayed for your publishers.

For more information on how to set up your offer types in the publisher interface click here.

You can publish your offers in the publisher interface in two different ways: 

1. While Offer creation:

Whenever you create an offer, you'll be asked to set an offer type. This is a mandatory field. Selecting the offer type as "public" result in your offer being displayed for all your publishers inside the publisher interface. The "Featured" option is to display the offers in the top of the publisher interface. This way publishers can easily know about the top offers immediately after logging in. 

2. After creating an offer

If you've created an offer which was set to "private" or "restricted" or "exclusive", you can always switch it to the public view at any time for all the publishers to see. Go to the "Edit" option of the offer and change the offer type.