With your own publisher interface, you are given the option to onboard your own publishers. Onboarding new publishers can be done in two easy steps: 

1. Sign-up / Registration

Each of your publishers need to sign up first in order to get access to your offers. The publisher needs to create an account over your publishers interface URL. The publisher interface URL would be given to you along with your instance. An example of your URL would be: https://www.yourinstancename-publisher.vene.io

2. Onboarding

Once the publisher has registered and verified their email, you'll receive an onboarding request under your "Onboarding" tab inside your vene dash instance. As soon as your new potential publisher makes a registration, he will be automatically created as a publisher inside your vene dash.

The onboard request will remain inside your "Onboarding" tab until you either approve or reject it. In order to approve a publisher simply click on "Edit"  - add a "Publisher Manager" and click on "Save". Afterwards, click on "Approve request".

Note: The publisher needs to have verified their account via the verification email in order to have the "Approve" option displayed.

To reject an incoming request.  you can simply click on the"Rejectbutton. If the publisher has not received the verification, there is also an option to resend it.  Learn more about Onboarding here.

3. Approval

Under the "Approval" tab are all requests for running the "restricted" offers from your on-boarded publishers. If an offer is "restricted" and the publisher wants to run this offer, he needs to "apply" for it first. (Learn more about Offer Types)

After you approve the request, the publisher will be able to run it. Click here to learn more about Approvals.