Managing your offers within the publisher interface is possible with the help of  "Offer Types". This categorize your offers in different types and decides how it is represented in the publisher interface. 

There are four offer types (Exclusive, Private, Public, Restricted):


Exclusive offer type displays the offer to the publishers that you select, inside their respective interface. For example: If you have five publishers(A,B,C,D,E) and you wish to display the offer to only publisher A and E, then you can select the offer type as "Exclusive" and select the two publishers. The remaining publishers will not see that the offer exists. 


If Private is selected as the offer type, then the offer will not be displayed in the publisher interface and furthermore not be visible for any of your publishers. You need to manually provide the tracking link to your publishers.


If Public is selected as the offer type, then the offer will be displayed to all your publishers inside the publisher interface. Public offers can be run by the publisher at any time, which will provide them the tracking link immediately.


Restricted offer type will have all the offers displayed in the publisher interface but there would be no tracking links provided to run them. Before running the offer, the publisher would require to ask for access to the offer. Once a request is made, the request can be seen as pending in your vene dash platform under the "Approvals" tab. Clicking on "Approve" will give the publisher the access to the tracking link and then they can run the offer.

Note: If a publisher is pulling your offer via API then they would have access to all the public offers plus any offers they have been approved for.