Custom event types gives you the ability to reflect your KPI's in the sales process. More often than not we see the metrics used in the platform is not what is used by the company in general. vene dash allows you to customize the event types so it fits your company's needs.

To create custom conversion types click on "Settings" in the top right corner:

Click on the "Tracking" section. There will all your created custom conversion types be displayed.

To add a new conversion type just click on "Add new event" and type in the name. Save your created events by clicking on "Save". If "Show for Publisher" is ticked, you can choose a name which will be shown for this event type within your publisher portal.

Terms explanation:

1. Event name: Name of the event

2. Postback URL: Global Postback for this event type

3. Default: Default event to show on the Dashboard

4. Allow Subsequent: Allows receiving and counting multiple notifications for a given event type e.g. subsequent renewals or partial billings

5. Show for publisher: Allow this conversion type to be displayed on your publisher portal

6. Publisher name: Displayed event name for the publisher portal

Now you can choose your custom conversion types whenever you create a new offer.

Endpoint URLs:

The Endpoint URLs for each created conversion type can be found within the overview of an advertise under the "Tracking" tab: