While switching from your current solution to vene dash you can import your historical offers. All you need to do is prepare the data in a CSV format. Please use the attached file 'CSV' to import all your data. 

Note: The name of your advertiser, category, revenue and payout currency should all exist in the platform before you import the offers.  

How to import in vene dash (CSV File):

Head over to 'Import Offers' and you will be displayed a pop up suggesting you to upload the CSV.

Once you click on Upload, the data is first mapped. Once the mapping is done, you will be directed to the 'Accept' stage where you will be displayed the data that are valid for upload and the data that are invalid.

After you have accepted if the data to be imported is correct, all your offers will be imported to the vene dash platform and you are ready to go.


  • Which are the mandatory fields in order to import a csv file?

           Ans: The mandatory fields are: Advertiser Name, Offer Name, Destination URL, Revenue Amount, Payout Event Type,                Payout Amount, Payout Currency, Country.

  • Is it necessary to create the Advertiser before importing offers ? 

           Ans : No, the Advertiser is automatically created.

  • I import a .csv file that includes Advertiser XYZ today. On a later .csv file import, Advertiser XYZ is present again. Will vene dash recognize Advertiser XYZ already exists ?  

           Ans : No, vene dash will create a new advertiser for the new import.  

  • Can i import offers based on a particular status? (e.g. public, private)

           Ans : All imported offers are automatically set on 'Private". 

  • Can i import multiple countries for the same Offer?

           Ans: At the moment only one Country is allowed per offer. It will be possible to include multiple Countries in the next update.