Reports can be created easily with a few clicks in vene dash. Clicking on the Reports tab leads you to the main overview of the two types of reports you have: Reports (by default) and Custom Reports.

1. Reports:

Opening the Reports tab will give you the following reports:

- Custom Report

- Offer Report

- Publisher Report

- Advertiser Report

- Fraud Report

- Postbacks Report

- Events Report

- Clicks Report

- Blocked Clicks Report

Each of these report tabs gives you the quick access needed to open up required analytic details, which pre set filters according to the report name.

2. Custom Reports:

Under the custom reports you'll have an overview of all self created reports with individual set filters.

Customize/adjust your reports:

You can switch and change displayed KPIs and columns at any time by simply clicking on the different tabs (publisher, advertiser, offer, country and affpubid). For the columns just go into "Customize columns" and select the ones you want to have displayed.

All selected filters will be displayed now and can be sorted ascending or descending.

The second part consists of different event types represented in graphs. This includes event types such as clicks, blocked clicks, installs etc. The graph gives you a performance report comparing the events to important metrics.

By clicking on "Customize KPIs" you can add or remove displayed KPI's according to your specific needs.

Save/Download a report:

Inside your reports, you are given two options regarding saving your reports: Download as CSV and Save as new.

Download report as CSV:

Save your report by clicking on "Download as CSV".  You can also specify more details if needed within the Filters above.

Save as New:

Tired of re-setting your report settings again all the time? You can simply save them and do not have to worry about them any more. Setting up specific pre-set reports for your needs can easily saved/created by clicking on "Save as new".

You can name the name for this custom report and access it at any time. Saved reports can be found under the "Reports" tab.