The first step of creating an Offer is by going to the Offers tab on the navigation bar. Click on the "Add Offer" button. 

Add an advertiser for the offer, Then head over to the "Offer Details" section. Here you need to enter some necessary details for the offer that includes:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Destination URL (The destination is provided to you by the advertiser)

There is an option to generate a preview image from the Destination URL automatically or uploading one manually.

This Preview Image will be shown on the Publisher Interface of your publisher. Picking a good Preview image might be key for your publishers to pick an interest in it.

The next steps would require you to enter the cap or the limit you wish to have in the offer (this is optional) along with its revenue and payouts. If you want to "Feature" the offer and make it public on the Publisher interface, select the best fitting offer type. Tags include additional details like the country, channel, Operating System etc. Tags can also be used for categorizing offers.

Creatives are banners for the offer which can be attached by clicking on the "Select Creatives" button. For more information on how to upload or attach creatives please click here.

There you go! Your offer is ready with just a click of the "Save" button.