Creating new publishers in vene dash is easy. On the Publisher page you can start with a click on "Add Publisher" button. 

You will be displayed three tabs (publisher, contact, tracking). In the first tab 'Publisher' you can enter details such as Name, publisher type, tax id, address, billing details etc.

Under 'Overview' you have some important settings that you can turn on or off suiting your publisher, such as:

Display name - Name of the publisher

Publisher Type - Type of this publisher

How did you find us - How did the publisher find you

Website - Website of the publisher

Publisher Manager - Here you select the person that would be responsible for this publisher from your company

Fraud Protection - This is an additional option for fraud protection. Even if the fraud protection is on for all other publishers, turning it off here will disable it for the particular publisher and vice versa

Once your done finishing the publisher tab, you can enter details for the contact person from the publisher in the  'Contact' tab. And the final 'Tracking' tab can be used to set up postbacks for the publisher.  

Click on 'Save' and you are done. 

Adding Postbacks: 

Once the Publisher details has been added, head over to the 'Tracking' tab. 

Please follow the following steps to complete the set-up process:

  • Add a Tracking Set Name and tick the default box if you would like this to be the primary tracking set. (in case you have multiple postbacks). Note: If you've already set a default postback, you'll get a message

For example:

Tracking set name: Tracking Set 1

Default: Yes / No

  • Add the Postback URL that you receive from your traffic source and select the event type that would be associated with the postback. (Note: You can add different postback url's for every event type) 

For example:

Basepostback URL:

Event type: Conversion

  • Add the parameters that your traffic sources would have to pass. There is a small information button that gives you an information about the values that can be passed. In case there are more parameter that needs to be passed, we have nine blank sub id's that could be used. 

A list with all parameters of vene dash can be found here.

For example, if your publisher is using click_id to pass their clicks you can set it up as:  click_id = Publisher Click ID, if they use payout as parameter to pass the payout then you could add it as payout = Payout Amount 

Once you are done adding the parameters, Click on 'Save' and you are ready to go.