vene dash combines its strong functionality with the power of our in-house developed fraud protection tool - vene overwatch. This provides a comprehensive cover to all your Offers and helps reduce customer complaints. You have the option to either Block or Flag a potential fraudulent click. If your setting is set to block, then the fraudulent click does not reach the offer and is redirected to an Exit URL. However, if the click is set to Flag, then the click is redirected to the offer. This is designed to help keep generating your revenues all the while telling your publishers that their could be fraudulent.

The fraud protection feature can be activated in two levels: "General activation" or "Individual activation". 

General activation:

You can activate your overwatch fraud protection as default for all of your traffic sources with a single click.

Click on your User icon on the top right corner and select "System Settings". Scrolling down to the Fraud protection tab, there is your switch for activating or de-activating the default. Click here to learn about all fraud strategies in vene dash.

Individual activation:

If fraud protection is disabled by default, you can still enable or disable it for each publisher individually.

You can:

- Turn the protection on or off while creating a new publisher. Just simply scroll down under the "Overview" section.


You can enable the fraud protection after connecting your offers with their respective publisher whether from the offers "Tracking Links" tab coming or the publisher "Offers" tab

From the Offer side (Offer Details):

From the Publisher side (Publisher Details):

Analyse reports fraud protection:

The blocked clicks from fraud protection will be visible in the reports. There is a separate report for called "Blocked Clicks Report" where you can see the reason as to why the click was blocked. The "Fraud Report" will show how much of the clicks were either blocked / flagged.