When a publisher creates a new account on the publisher portal they are required to enter some information to register their account. Once done, their data is registered in the platform and appears under the onboarding tab. All account creations from the publisher portal will be shown under "Onboarding Requests".

The details displayed are:

ID - Unique ID 

Company Name - The name of the company being applied for

Requested by - The name of the individual who proposed to have access

Responsible - Name of the account manager in your company who will be responsible for the account

Status - Verified means the user clicked on the verification link sent to him after registration, Not Verified means the user still has not clicked on the link sent after registration and Accepted means that your company has accepted the request and they have access to your marketplace.

Created - Date and Time of the request for new account creation. 

Once the publisher has created the publisher portal account, they'll receive an verification email, where they have to verify the account. If the email hasn't been send out or received, you can always trigger another one by clicking on "Resend verification email" at the action buttons on the right. 

In order to approve the request, you need to do a couple of steps to get the publisher in the vene dash platform.

First: Add a publisher manager for this particular Publisher and click on "Save".

Second: Once the publisher has verified via email, the request status will be switched from "Not verified" to "Verified", giving you the option to Approve the request now.