Pausing traffic for an entity will automatically pause all entities on the lower levels which means:

  • Pausing an advertiser = All offers from this advertiser will be paused
  • Pausing an offer = The specific offer is paused
  • Pausing a publisher =  All offers associated with this publisher will be paused

Other questions that may arise:

Where will the traffic be forwarded to in case of pausing an advertiser / offer /  publisher?

A: All traffic will be diverted to a Exit Traffic URL in case of pausing. 

How many Redirect URLs can be defined?

A: Only one Redirect URL can be defined (click here to learn more)

Will paused offers be removed from the publishers interface automatically?

A: Yes, the paused Offers will not be displayed in the publisher interface.

Will publishers running that offer receive an email about pausing automatically?

A: Yes, the publishers will receive an email automatically only if an email template is set up informing them of the change (click here to learn more)

Is there a tracking history of pausing / activating entities?

A: No, tracking history for paused / activating entities is not available at the moment. 

Is bulk pausing possible?

A: Yes, you can pause multiple publishers at once.