New advertisers can be created from the Advertisers tab found on the home page. By clicking on "Add Advertiser" you are instructed to enter the necessary details.

The necessary details can be included in four different tabs:

The first tab 'Advertisers': 

Covers details such as the registered name, display name in the vene dash tool, its advertiser manager in your company and its address. 

The second tab 'Contact':

Can be used to enter details related to the advertiser. This includes the contact person's name, email, phone and skype details. 

The third tab 'Billing':

Is used to have the bank details of the Advertiser where you can enter the account name,number and the billing address.

The final tab 'Tracking':

Is to pass the parameters that the advertiser has requested.

The values of the advertiser needs to be on the left and the values of vene dash need to be on the right side included in hashtags(#). The click parameter from the advertiser is mandatory to be passed in order to receive conversions.

Example: If your advertiser uses "click_id" as their parameter you need to enter that under Parameter name and #ydrid# under parameter value.

Clicking on Save at the end of the page completes the process and gives you the Endpoint URL's that you can give to your advertiser to report conversions. 

Note: Please provide the correct Endpoint URL to your advertiser, as every event type will have its own Endpoint URL.